Counter Strike Supply Company’s Judgement Training, Range Simulator.

With use of our full Immersion sound system and our Over sized 130 degree curved screen, Shooters can fine tune their small arms fundamentals with our Skill Drills Training Modules as well as put themselves into realistic use of force situations with our Judgmental Training Software.

Although our range is focused on the skill sets used and trained on, by defensive firearms instructors, our range offers an array of options for both the public and law enforcement.

Just like at a live fire range, you can choose to come in to shoot for fun, or for serious/lifelike training.

What can you do with our simulator?

New Shooters - Build confidence in firearms handling with our recoil-less firearms Fun Target Shooting Group Outings Corporate Events Date Night Youth Firearms Safety Introduction Firearms fundamental work Advanced Firearms Drills Shooting Competition Prep Self Defense Instructional Course Specialized Judgement/Response Training Prefect unfamiliar drills, without risking live-fire Accidental discharge



Meeting the requirements of the Idaho Enhanced Class with Range time. Working on Malfunctions, technique, trigger diagnostics, efficiency and practical shooting. Technique and practice are the two biggest Contributors to good shooting.

Dedicated Instructor Terry, grew up in Idaho, where he enjoyed the outdoor sports of hunting and fishing and helped in the family pawn business where he was in daily contact with firearms. At the age of 16, Terry was seriously injured when his older brother shot him in a negligent discharge of a firearm. This near death incident fueled Terry's lifelong passion for firearms education and safety training.Terry has extensive career experience with original equipment manufacturers in the firearms industry and has been an NRA Certified Pistol instructor for over 10 years. He is a four-time Distinguished Graduate from Front Sight in Las Vegas, as well as a former instructor, and has also worked for another US firearms training facility called Forward Movement in Meridian, Idaho.

Courses Offered

Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Class - 8-9 hours

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Idaho Combat Systems

Established in 2011, Idaho combat systems is here to provide you with the information, training and ability to prepare for personal self defense, emergencies and even disasters.


Introduction to Self Defense 3 hrs

Defensive Pistol fundamentals (basic) 6 hrs

Defensive Pistol Essentials (intermediate) 6 hrs

Defensive Carbine 6 hrs

Defensive Shotgun 6 hrs

3 gun gunfighter 6 hrs

Low light engagements 6 hrs

Idaho Enhanced Concealed Permit - need to find new law instructor. If you know of someone who has senior or master patrol post certificate who willing to teach class with me. 6 to 8 hrs

NRA personal protection inside the home

NRA Personal protection outside the home

Gun Maintenance workshop 2-3 hrs

Emergency trauma - stop the bleed. 4-5 hrs

Outdoor emergency trauma minimum 14 hrs.

Wilderness skills, winter/summer 8-10 hrs

Personal preparedness 2 hrs

Disaster awareness and preparedness 2 hrs

Krav Maga levels 1 & 2

Civilian less lethal (taser,OC,baton) 4 hrs

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Idaho Combat Systems is not associated with Counter Strike Supply Company.