Burn Shield

No home should be without Burn Shield. I was badly sun burned I poured cool water and aloe vera gel on it the whole day. That didn’t work to take away the pain and discomfort. I then put the Burn Shield on and almost instantaneously the pain was gone. This works really good at pulling the heat out of your burn. About a year ago one of my kids grabbed the hot hair straightener. Her fingers blistered and turned red. I pulled this out of the first aid kit and put it on her fingers, she automatically stopped crying and went about her day. The next day the blister was gone and there was just a little bit of redness. After a few more days there was no sign of the burn. This is something everyone should keep in their first aid kits.

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Cody Dalley
5.11 Utility Short Sleeve Polo

This is what a polo should look and feel like. Its thick weight but is very breathable. It doesn’t hold any big wrinkles. The quality material makes it durable. It pulls sweat away. Water beads off or evaporates quickly. The sleeves are the proper length, it keeps your pens in the sleeve very well. They collar is very durable and wont pinch. The large shirt tail is nice and will help you to conceal your EDC. The only negative is the size. It runs a little big. I typically wear a Large. I went with a Medium and it fits perfect. Whatever industry or business you work, and you are looking for a polo, you've found it. The price itself is excellent compared to other tactical polo shirts out there. If you want an inexpensive, well-made shirt for concealed carry, definitely give this one a try.

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Cody Dalley5.11, Polo
5.11 Tactical, Taclite Pro Pants

I have had a pair of 5.11 Taclite Pro Pants for about 3.5 years. I worked in Law Enforcement and used these for trainings and prisoner transports. Figured I would try these pants out but didn't expect too much. I have had no issues with these pants. I put them through the ringer, and they have held up great and are very well made and comfortable. These pants are feather light and will bend any which way you want them to. They are very strong too. One day when I was hunting, I caught them on a sharp rock. I heard something that sounded like they had ripped. I looked all over the place and couldn’t find a tear or hole. These are definitely a pant you can wear year-round. I shovel snow in these, and they are very warm. I can go out in the hot summer days and be comfortable in 90+ degree heat.

They have a high-quality snap closure with a secondary button. They are made of a tightly knit ripstop style material that makes them extremely durable. The elastic waist also allows you to wear them even if your waist size varies a bit as you age. It also ensures a comfortable and secure fit without being too tight in the waist.  

These are great pants! If you enjoy space as in comfort but also storage (lots of pockets) and still look presentable for everyday wear, including an office setting, these are the pants for you. They are priced fair, and you will not regret your purchase. I would recommend these pants to anyone.

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Cody Dalley
GT Holsters

GT Holsters are locally made right here in Pocatello Idaho. I am VERY pleased with the way it turned out especially at the $35 price point. It is a great fit for my P365, it clicks right in, has great retention, and fully covers the trigger. There is a retention screw that can be tightened or loosened to your preference. They utilize a thinner kydex that makes it a lot less bulky and the belt clip works great.  My Sig P365 is my EDC, and with this IWB GT Holster it is so comfortable I can wear it all day and drive in the car without any discomfort. I highly recommend this holster for anyone wanting to carry inside the waistband.   

Stop in or call us at CSSC for more Details.

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Cody Dalley
Kabar, Tactical Spork

Everyone is making a sporks these days. Plastic, titanium, aluminum, stainless. You name it, its out there. Sporks have been around for a very long time. Now, Ka-bar makes a spork.

This spork is made of a heavy-duty plastic called Grilamid, it’s a high strength technical polyamide. It's food safe and UV resistant is has high flex fatigue strength, impact resistant and resistant to stress cracking.

The Ka Bar Tactical Spork is light and has a great fit & finish to it. When removing the knife, it is easy and provides an easy grip on the spork towards both ends to separate it. There is no wobble or excessive movement when the spork is in the closed position.

The knife does a pretty good job cutting meats. It is short and can be a little tough when making long cuts in a steak. I needed to place my index finger on the top spine of the blade to make the cut. The spork works great. The tines are shorter and a little dull. The bowl of the spoon is a little to small for liquid soups. It works very well in stews. Clean-up is very easy. The plastic can hold up to hot temperatures and is safe for dishwashers,

This is a great spork. It is light and easy packs. The plastic is tough and should hold up better than a metal spork. There are a lot of choices for sporks, this is in my opinion one of the best ones and would recommend this to anyone in need of a spork.  

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Cody Dalley
Böker Plus AKS-74 Mini Black

I got a Boker Mini Kalashnikov Tanto Assisted Knife last year as a gift. This knife is just as well built and reliable as the full-size models. The small handle fits in my hand very well. The fit and finish are Great. The tanto style blade is AUS-8 steel and black finished. The hardware on this knife is all black, the screws, firing button, clip, and stop pin. When you open it, it opens with an authoritative snap and locks up good and tight. It's a big little knife suitable for EDC or as a tuck-away back up. Overall this is one a great knife and I would recommend it to anyone.

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Cody Dalley
5.11 Defender Flex Straight Jeans

I’ve had these 5.11 Defender Flex Straight Jeans for one year now. These Pants have held up better than any other pair of Pants I have ever owned. I plan to wear these jeans till they wear out and I don’t see that happening any time soon. I have four kids and have ruined multiple pairs of name brand Jeans, but I have not ripped or torn my 5.11 Defender Flex Straight Jeans. They are a very durable Jean. I love that these pants have 8 belt loops making weight dispersion amazing, and it prevents sagging that I've experienced with other jeans. Great jeans for EDC / IWB. What's more amazing is the range of motion and the pocket placement. The pockets have held up amazingly well, nothing has warn through them. The pockets are deep enough to my wallet. Extra back pockets easily accommodate a knifes, extra pistol mag, extra rifle mag, business card wallet, and phone. These pants are very easy to move in almost like leggings, and the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever owner. The price is worth every penny. Everyone should own a pair of these Jeans.

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Cody Dalley
Hoppe's 9 Viper BoreSnake

For a long time, I used a set of rods that screwed together with a fitting for the end for a wire brush and a swab. I also had a cable with a fitting for on the end for wire brush and a swab. This is the first time I've used these new bore snakes. I am sold on this item. The first time I ran the Viper BoreSnake through 2-3 times I used a rod with a few patches on it to see how much gunk was left. Almost nothing left! Very nice.

The Hoppe's 9 Viper BoreSnake does it all in 3 easy steps. 1 thread the weight down the barrel, 2 place brass weight through the bottom of the T-handle, and 3 pull it though. The snake has the wire brush built in, so it drags out all the burnt power and barrel debris while it buffs right behind it. The snake is fitted and based on caliber. It makes cleaning a breeze. The BoreSnake makes cleaning my pistols a breeze.

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Cody Dalley

These are great glasses! I've worn Spys for years. I them found these Edge Eyewear and was very excited to use these stylish safety glasses with the tinted lens color for shooting, driving, and whatever comes up! They also fit tight to my face and are very comfortable. I love the thin temples and the wide field of view. The gray frame color is very cool too.

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Cody Dalley
Pelican Tumbler.

I’ve been testing out the Pelican 22oz Tumbler for two months now. I picked up the silver one for myself, which looks more like a gunmetal color in person. It fit in my cup holder in my truck, the label said it kept drinks hot and cold for 8 hours and my Starwars coffee cup was due for retirement anyway. So I thought, “What the hell. It’s $25, I’ll give this one a try.”

I took it home, and the first I wanted to try out was their claim to hold hot or cold for 8 hours. Maybe it’s just me, but every other tumbler that I’ve had in the past, never made it to their hourly claim - not even close! So in anticipation of getting a couple hours out of it, I loaded it up with ice, set my expectations to very low, and tested it out.

I s**t you not, 37 hours is what it lasted! I couldn’t believe it! So I had to see what it would do with hot drinks. I cleaned out the tumbler, let it warm back up to room temp, and started in with coffee (about 5 cups, is what my 22oz tumbler holds).

Turns out, with hot drinks it doesn’t hold nearly as well. I got about 4 hours out of it, before my coffee turned to slightly warmer than room temp. Which is really okay by me. If my coffee is in my cup for more than an hour, I’m probably sick or something.

So as I said, I’ve been using this Pelican Tumbler for two months now, almost on a daily basis. And I have to say, I am extremely happy with it.

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Ryan Dunder
Salomon Quest 4D Forces.

These are by far my favorite hiking boot. Having been formerly in law enforcement, I’ve spend my share of time in boots…and in plenty of them.

I originally picked these boots up, based on an amazon review, from someone claiming they got 7 years out of these boots, during their tour(s?) in Afghanistan.

The boots were about $100 more than what I normally bought my duty boots for, but seeing as I was burning through my boots in 9 months or less, I thought I would take the gamble.

Although I am no longer LE, and I am not using them on a daily basis, I spend 2 years using these boots and I’ve been able to put them to a fair amount of use into them. I’ve taken these boots up Zion National Park, Utah, in 100+ degree weather, up Fairview Mountain, Canada, in a snow storm, and around several other parts of Idaho, Utah, Montana and California.

Granted my boots are the tan version, but they didn’t get overly hot, they kept my feet warm and dry in the snow, and the traction is incredible. Even with all of the use I’ve had with them so far, the sole looks almost new.

These boots are very comfortable, and they are holding up a ton better! Yeah, it’s a little more upfront, but if it saves me from having to replace my boots for 2,3,4,5 years, I’d say I am definitely ahead.

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Ryan Dunder
Boston Leather Off Duty Belt

Prior to opening Counter Strike Supply Company, my only exposure to Boston Leather, was for their duty belt pouches. My pouches held up very well in day to day duty use, in fact they actually lasted me a few years before the showing any significant wear. But like with a lot of my duty gear, a little black boot polish quickly fixed that and I was back in good standing with uniform regs.

When I opened Counter Strike Supply Company, I contacted Boston Leather to seek approval to be able to carry their brands. From my experience I knew Boston Leather made quality stuff, at good prices; so I wanted to make sure that we could offer their line locally.

But when in doing this, it really opened my eyes to what Boston Leather really had to offer. Not only did they have duty gear pouches, but they also had full duty belts, off duty belts, dog collars, cell phone cases and on and on!

So knowing how much I liked their duty gear, I decided to try out some of their off duty gear – specifically their 1.5” Lined Off Duty belt.

For the mid-$20 range, I was expecting a…$20 belt. I thought it’ll probably work for a few months, maybe lose its coloring, maybe end up stretching out and looking deformed – like most cheap belts do. But I’m happy to say, I was very wrong.

But when it was delivered to us, I was shocked to see that this was study leather! And it looks just as good as my $80 belt that I only wear with my suit! And better still, this belt actually worked well with my CCW holster!! At the time, my everyday belt was another $20 belt from a local clothing store, and held up as well as I had expected a $20 belt to hold up. But this Boston Leather belt just immediately showed that it had far superior attention to detail and craftsmanship. So I began putting it to the test.

I’ve been wearing this belt now for over a year, almost every day. And with the exception of a little wear showing on the hole that the buckle uses, this belt still looks new! It still works great with my holster, the coloring is still holding strong, the decorative stitching is all intact without any signs of wear. The only fault I’ve been able to find with the Boston Leather belt, is that is has made me regret buying an $80 belt from a different manufacturer. 

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Ryan Dunder
Altama Maritime Assault - Mid

I love my Converse Chuck Taylors. I have multiple pairs of them. I then saw these Altama Maritime Assault Mid Boots and thought I would give them a try.  The outsoles are made of the same plastic of climbing shoes and have great grip even when they are wet. The banding around the outsole and upper have been sewn on to prevent premature separation. They have also cut the banding at the flex point to prevent the typical tearing. It also allows your foot to push water out of the shoe, and they do just that.

Performance? Awesome one or the best pair of shoes/boots I have bought in a while, they are light, have more padding on the tongue and upper part of the shoe. I like the idea of a shoe that I can wear into the water, and then walk out of the water later. No need to stop and take off wet shoes after they get wet, you just walk out of the water and keep going like a it is no big deal. The cut on the back of the high tops allow for full flex of the ankle.

Good to finally see tactical shoe/boot that is like my Chuck Taylors. Would highly recommend and will be buying more pairs in the future.

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Cody Dalley
Review of the Salomon Quick Lace Kit

Salomon QuickLace Kit.

A convenient means to never tieing your shoes again. These laces replace your shoe laces, in just about any style of boot, and can be cut down to size if needed. They work very similarly to a snowboard boot lace - pinch the tab and slid it down to your ankle, and snug it up as tight as you want.

I’ve been using these laces in my Salomon boots, for around 4 months now. At the end of each day, there just as tight as I put them in the morning.

When I left LE, one of the stupid things I missed was wearing side zip boots. Working in the store, and for every day use, duty boots were pretty unnecessary. So I went back to wearing sneakers. That is, until I found these Salomon XA Forces, Mid. These boots weighed in at 0.95 LBS and only came up to my ankle, so it didn’t really look like a duty boot - nor did it feel heavy and clunky like my old boots did. Better still, these boots came with the QuickLace Kit already installed!

In using the QuickLace kit, I’ve actually found it more convenient to use this system, than I ever did with side zip boots. The lace system keeps my boots secured all throughout the day, and I can have my boots off at the end of the day in probably 3 seconds.

With my side zip boots, I found that the seams of the zipper would start to stretch from wearing them over a few months. Stretching these seems, left my boots feeling loose and uncomfortable - especially when I needed to run at a moments notice. But with these laces, there are no seams to be effected,

In my opinion, it’s a much better alternative to zip boots - and a heck of a lot better than standard laces.

If you’re interested in checking out the Salomon QuickLace Kit for yourself, click on the link below.


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Ryan Dunder
Review of the 5.11 Tactical, Apex pant

So here’s the break down - I love these Apex pants!

I first bought myself a pair of these pants back in 2017. Since then, I’ve worn these same pants at work, at home, to meetings with Cheif’s, Sheriff’s and other department heads; shoveling snow, hiking in 100+ degree heat, around town, working in the yard, doing chores, and a bunch of other stuff.

I’ve had, and have worn these pants every week since I have bought them - for almost 2 years now, and I have to say, they’re holding up very well; and they have become my favorite pant.

Prior to these pants, the majority of my clothes I owned were all $20 or less. My opinion was, clothes fade, they rip when you work in them - so why would I blow my money on something that doesn’t last? Maybe it’s because I was wearing $20 pants; maybe it’s because 5.11 is just that awesome at creating long lasting clothes… I don’t really know. What I do know, is that these pants are awesome! - and when compared to a new pair, I’m not seeing any fading in mine.

Apart from having the versatility of being able to have a functional, work pant that I can also wear to a professional meeting, here are a few other things I love about these pants…

Comfort - Whether sitting in the car for 12 hours, hiking in the heat, or shoveling snow, these pants have been my go to for just about everything now.

The stretch - For conceal carry, it feels like these pants were built to carry a full sized firearm on your hip, in a IWB holster - which I do, with my GT Holster. But not only that, you can actually comfortably play with your kids on the floor, work on a project while crouching - all without ripping the crotch out of it (…like I did while working in LE…during training. My FTO did not let me live that one down)

The pockets - there is an insane amount of pocket storage built into these pants - that are actually functional for everyday use. 2 Front pockets, built for your WHOLE hand and specifically contoured to carry a pocket knife. 2 rear pockets - I don’t use these, but if you carry your wallet in your back pocket, it’ll do so. 2 rear/side pockets - I use these to carry my phone and the shop phone. They sit more up on your hip, then right on your butt; which make it really nice so that when you sit, you don’t have to pull out the contents out. 2 Covert Cargo Pockets w/ pocket organizers - how this is set up, is its an inverted cargo pocket, which keeps the pant leg looking as streamlined as possible. But inside the pocket, it has 2 smaller pockets, built into the side of the leg that are big enough to hold an AR mag - in each pocket organizer. I use these pocket organizers to carry my wallet, and a business card holder. Then on occasion, I’ll use the main compartment to store gloves or other larger items, if I’m doing yard work or some other project.

So as you can tell, I love these pants. The only issue I had with it, was the price. As I mentioned, I was buying $20 pants, and jumping up to a pair that was $79, was a bit of a shock for me. But now seeing how long they last, how versatile they are, and how comfortable they are; I’m really okay spending more up-front, to save more in the long run and to have an overall better pant.

Good job 5.11 Tactical!

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