Book a Range Time!

That’s Right! We Have Our Very Own Shooting Range Simulator Right Here At Counter Strike Supply Company! Bring Your Friends, Family, Dates, Or Even Come In For A Solo Shoot!

We Offer Nearly 1000 Scenarios To Choose From, All Of Which Are Way More Fun And Challenging Than Just Shooting At A Normal Paper Target!

Our Scenarios Range From Our Training Series That Incorporates Static Target, Moving Targets, Drills To Help With Target Acquisition, Drills To Help With Firearms Transition (By The Way We Have Pistols And Rifles Available!); Then We Move Into Our Competition Section - Which Is Modeled After The Multi Staged 3 Gun Competitions!; For Our Younger Shooters, We Also Offer An Arcade Mode Where You Can Shoot Pirates And Skeletons, Banditos Or Even Silhouettes In Our Simulated Crack House!; Then For Our Professionals, We Offer Exclusive Judgement Training Scenarios For Law Enforcement, Security, Military And During Self Defense Courses. These Scenarios Are Designed To Help Our Emergency Service Professionals Enguage In High End, Judgement Training For Hundreds Of Different Scenarios, Such As Traffic Stops, Burglary Responses, Active Shooter Response, Prisoner Transport, Jail Response, And Many More!

Coming Soon! Book A Time For Your Own Private Movie Theater!